POST formula in SPRINT 3




Can someone help me to understand why for "Confirm Purchase Order Receipt" line Item, "POST(IF NOT Submit Purchase Order Request? THEN 0 ELSE Final Shipment Amount, Final Shipping Time Weeks) " is not a correct answer for the formula to use?




  • The order of the output for IF THEN ELSE looks thoughtfull. Nothing to add here.

    Probably they wanted you to split the formula into two line items: IF THEN ELSE and POST.

  • @CCC Nesting the IF THEN ELSE within the POST function doesnt look right!

    Start the IF with the query 'NOT Submit Purchase Order Request?' then close out the ELSE with the POST function.

  • CCC

    Actually, the formula works since I get the result they put in the screenshot. I thought I followed DISCO recommandation about using booleans in comparisons instead of numbers. Also, it is more easier for me to understand that the amount we push depends on whether or not a Purchase Order Request is submitted.


    @ChrisAHeathcote  when you say "doesn't look right" you mean on DISCO point of view?

  • I can see how the formula returns the correct answer but the in my view is not structured logically. Therefore, it's more about PLANS rather than DISCO.

    The IF THEN ELSE is a query that determines whether to use the POST formula or not based on the outcome of a specific condition. 


    Therefore, state a criteria and then the outcomes for a true and false result.


    I would also break out the query to a separate boolean formatted line item and use this in the downstream IF THEN ELSE. 

  • I am having the same issue.  If you structure the statement like:


        Submit Purchase Order Request?
        POST(Final Shipment Amount, Final Shipping Time Weeks)
    In the target period you will get 0 or the wrong value (if Submit Purchase Order Request?=true) the as it re-evaluates the If again in the current period.  I agree, with the OP, I came up with the same solution, it worked, and looks elegant to me, can someone please provide more insight?   I have stumped all the Anaplaners in my org with this issue and none of them get it.