New UX Report Page: Make Page/Context Selectors available in Presentation mode


The report pages are great, but when in the presentation mode, the page selectors are not available. This defeats the purpose of having dimensions on these pages. It will be a great functionality if:

- the page selectors carry over to the presentation mode so the end users can change their selections w/o exiting the present mode.

- There is an option to make context selectors "selectors" on tables/cards/charts on the report page.



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  • One workaround for this is to create a text card and use dynamic narrative to show the selected dimensions.

    This is a view-only solution, but will show you how the page selectors are set.

  • Michael, you should know about one good source - Slidepeak. It provides a lot of services regarding making presentation. Every time when I prepare for the meeting I use it, you can also try this. You can find a lot of wonderful designs there. Also, I usually give them all requirements and receipt a well done presentation before the deadline.

  • MartaJast
    edited March 2023

    I'm just starting to shoot videos and make presentations. I wonder if it's better to take projects that many people do or still try to go the other way?

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