Lookup between two modules with different dimensions



I have below two modules:


Module CAL04: Page: Business Line, Line Items, Column: Time, Row: Transaction month


Module DAT06: Page: Business Line, Column: Periods, Row: Line Item


I want to have NCO% in module DAT06 to show up in module CAL04 per the "reference period #" line item (e.g any "month 0" cell with have respective NCO% value from module DAT06).


I tried to do lookup and sum, both didn't work, I think the issue is I have extra dimension in module CAL04. Can anyone help me on this?


Thank you



Best Answer

  • JaredDolich

    @xzhan252 Jayden,

    You've almost got this. Your line item "Reference Period #" needs to be formatted as the list of your fake calendar, "Periods". In order to use LOOKUP, you must use list formatted line items. If you can't format "Reference Period #" as a list formatted line item "Periods" then you'll need to create another line item in the destination module, or better yet in a system module that relates your text line item "Reference Period #" to your list "Period". 

    Your equation will look something like this: 'DATA06'.'NCO %'[LOOKUP: 'Reference Period #', LOOKUP: 'Business Line']. Reference Period # and Business Line must be list formatted. Try to use system modules for that (DISCO).