Removing line items in List


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Need help with how the process to follow the deletion of line items in the List.


H1/H2 is the List within that we have 3 line items called Total(Parent), H1 and H2(Children) it's summing up to Total. I want to delete only Total (Parent).


Internal Workings 

I) Having around 180 modules using the H1/H2 list as a Dimension

II) Having around 480 Line items using H1/H2 in Formula

III) Having around 84 Line items using H1/H2 as Format


Need help to analyze how will remove the Total without any issue with an existing structure. attaching Screenshot of the H1/H2 list





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  • Javvaji45
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    you can hide the total in line item level-by using the above dependent way


  • Create a dependent drop down and use this one has shown the which items you want (UN check the -total- item in list) - by using this there is no any conflict on your model and no data lose

  • Hi,


    Thanks for your response, I want to remove the Total Line item, so that I can save some space.



  • Now in the existing structure, for Budget, we are using H1 and H2. I want to change to a Full-Year Budget. any idea how will do that...

  • Can you send the screen shot - to understand the case - you mean present using the full budget? it means
  • Present using the Half-year budget form there we need to move the full-year budget. Let me share the Screenshots
  • Attaching a screenshot of the proposed budget cycle.