Calculation to get Quarters for Previous Year Only, Current Year Only, and Forecast Year Only etc




I'm trying to configure the view below using the Time Settings and/or Time Lookups module. I've tried multiple things, but haven't been successful. Can anyone provide guidance on how this can be achieved? Thanks. 



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  • Misbah
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    Assuming you have only one forecast year and one prior year - see below 




    Also First line is dependent on Current Period set on the main Time Page.






  • Thanks, @Misbah . This worked.

    I made one modification because I have the Weeks Calendar Type. 

    In the Current Quarters formula, instead of Year START, I used: YEAR(END()) = YEAR(CURRENTPERIODEND()). 


    Year Start may/or may not be in the "current fiscal" year, but Year End will always fall in the current fiscal year due to time settings in the image below.






    Just curious (I'll also test this on my own); what if I have more prior and forecast years? Will the formulas change?

  • @sosunkwo 


    You see that 4 in Lead and Lag fucntion that basically tells how many time periods it needs to go to.. Let’s say if you have two forecast years and two prior years and if you want to get immediate previous year or immediate next year then the formula need not be changed but if you want to get all the quarters of the prior years or forecast years then that 4 in Lead and Lag needs to  be adjusted accordingly.

    Hope that helps


  • @Misbah , 


    Make sense. I got it. Thank you!