IMPORTANT!! Please Read! 2022 Recertification for Model Builders and Solution Architects


Community Friends. Just a heads up. To get recertified as a model builder or solution architect for 2022 you must take this 10 question quiz on new Anaplan Features by 12/31/2021. Don't worry. It's open book and you can use Anapedia (highly recommended)

Good luck!

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  • Thanks @JaredDolich for sharing this. This is of great help.

  • @ashish.banka No problem! Good luck!

  • @JaredDolich I couldn't score 10 out of 10 - which I was hoping to get. I messed up in one of the questions.


    I am sure you got perfect 10

  • @Misbah 

    Nope. Same as you. Got 9/10. One of them was ambiguous. I suspect it was the same one as you.

  • Hi Jared,

    Does recertification apply to those who were only certified this year (2021) as well?

    I thought it was once a year so if I was only certified as Model Builder this year mine would only be due next year?

    Kind regards,


  • @ClarenceAndre !! How are you? 

    Great question. Best way to determine if you need to take this quiz is to look at your current certification. If it expires at the end of this year (2021), you'll need to take the quiz. If your certificate goes out to the end of 2022 then you're good. 

    As a suggestion, and it's only a suggestion, you might want to take the quiz regardless. It's a great way to get caught up on the new features from the last 6 months. Plus, it's open book, no time limit, 2 attempts at each question. Or, if you're super ambitious you can read the release notes to catch up, if you haven't already.

    You got this!

  • Hi @JaredDolich Thanks for getting back.

    Hope all's well.

    I did and passed so all good!

    Kind regards,



  • @ClarenceAndre way to go!!! Yeah!

  • @JaredDolich I just passed my SA recertification exam. However, I am not able to download the 2022 certificates. It takes me back to the Exam page. Is there a glitch in the certificate link. It used to be quite smooth earlier.



  • @ashish.banka 


    I don't believe you can download the certificate. Although the certificate gets previewed to you.



  • @Misbah This is strange. For me 2022 Certificate Exam shows "Checked" however the 2022 Model Model Certificate And 2022 Solution Architect Certificate check box shows unchecked.





    When I click on any of the certificate link, it asks me to "Enter" and shows "Number of Attempts you have made as 0"


    Seems to be an issue with the whole certifications links. I have emailed the issue to but it did not solve the issue. @ChrisMullen Can you help?




  • @JaredDolich @Misbah Finally I got my Anaplan Solution Architect 2022 certificate. And I cant thank much to the team. They helped me with a "trick" wherein, after passing the exam, to download the relevant certificate, click on the relevant certificate link. It will open up a page with the status of the exam. You just need to click "Enter" button to generate the certificate and then user your browser "Print" option to save it to PDF.



    Hope this helps to all who are struggling to download the 2022 certificates.



  • Does this apply if I have completed Level 3?