Referencing same line item of prev row




I am facing issue in trying to reference the same item of prev row. For example,

This is the Excel formula for a line item ‘Calendar Month’ :


 IF Calendar month of prev row = 12 THEN 1 ELSE Calendar month of prev row + 1


Has anyone faced similar issue? The Else part of the formula gives circular reference.



  • Could you please describe a little bit more what you are trying to achive with this formula?
  • NivyaR_0-1629106244346.png

    I have Month No. as my row, trying to apply formula for Calendar month line item

  • PFB the Screenshot :




  • You can use CUMULATE formula for this. Cumulate by Month No. list via Count.
    CUMULATE(1,[boolean to recet counter],[month no. list])
  • boolean to reset counter can be based on Start month = Val_Date
  • As per my understanding , use the cumulate function - the Boolean line item used to reset the start month 

    Cumulate(Month No, boolean)Cumulate.jpg
    find the attachment for your reference

  • Thank you. I was able to resolve the functions for Month/Year related line items using Cumulative. 

    But I have similar issues with other line items too, where we cannot use Cumulate() or Mod().


    For Example:




    These items are dependent on each other, hence giving circular reference

    Any workaround for this?