Lineitem Format : Timeperiod show Quarter and Year



Is there a way I can show in my line item formatted as Time range to show both quarter and year ?


The reason is to have a full year view of my data.








  • Hi @tompatrick.ting,


    Anaplan allows you to add time period totals from the Time Settings. On the Model Calendar  page you have INCLUDE option to add certain time total buckets. But please be cognizant of the fact that it will impact every module in your Model where Time dimension is included. 


    Another way of doing will be to have a Quarter Total List like a fake time. This can be done if only few modules require the quarter total view. Please pick the best way forward as per your case. 


    Hope this helps.







  • It is not possible to select Year and Quarters together using native Anaplan time dimension. 

    To achieve this create a list and format the line item with the list. 


    But what are you trying to achieve?

  • Hi @ChrisAHeathcote  @JensitSebastian 


    Creating a List for time might be difficult as I will need to update all our reports to use the list time.


    I need the Year in my selection because on our variance report, we are comparing the data by quarter or by year.




  • Ok, so you need to create a filter selector that will then inform a filter criteria.

    Create a list containing all the viewing options; Quarters and Full Year.

    Create a user selection module; dimension this by user and add one line item. Call this summary selection.

    Create a system module to use as a filter; dimension this by native Anaplan time (Months) and User. Add three line items; Quarters filter, Full Year filter and Final Filter. Set format to boolean.

    Quarters Filter line item change the time dimension to months = IF UserSelectionModule.SummarySelection = NewList.Quarters THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

    Full Year Filter change the time dimension to years = IF UserSelectionModule.SummarySelection = NewList.Full Year THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

    Final Filter retain months = Quarters Filter OR Full Year Filter

    Alternatively, set these up in dedicated Time.Quarters and Time.Years system modules.

    Use the Final Filter line item to filter your view. If the view needs to be restricted to a specific year then add this as an additional filter criteria.

    By using Users list each user will be able to make an independent selection. 

  • Hi @ChrisAHeathcote

    I would shorten the formulas you've suggested to UserSelectionModule.SummarySelection = NewList.Quarters and UserSelectionModule.SummarySelection = NewList.Full Year without necessity to use IF THEN ELSE conditions. I think it is excessive here.

    Do you have any concerns?



  • Yes, you are correct!
    The outcome of both would result in TRUE only if the selection = the relevant list item.
    Good spot!