Childs with same parent crossing in a same module


Hello all, 


Imagine we have a parent list Country (G1) and two child list attached to this list: Fisrt list => Regions (G2) and a second list Stores/Entities (G2 bis). 


We need this second list Digital Stores because for each country we may have 2 or 3 digital stores which may serve all regions of my country. For example, in France, we have one entity which is responsible for all orders frDimensionoom the Web (FDW) and another entity for all orders from call center (FCC). 


In other countries, we may have other types of entites so that's why we want to attach the G2bis list to Country list.


As both entity FDW and FCC serve all regions in France and we have interest to create a module croissing the list of Entities (G2 bis) and the list of regions (G2) to analyze the quantity of orders from each region. 


However, as both lists have the same parent, I cannot cross them directly in a same module and have to create a combined list Region-Entity as a child of region (G3). 


It is not quite convenient as users may be confused of using such combined list and it's also not easy when we want to add a new entity=> we will have to create all child list under region list each time. 


It might be much easier if Anaplan could allow have the child lists having the same parent croissing in a same module. 


Thank you 


Best regards

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