Get Native version name to a lineitem



Is there a way i can get native version to a lineitem in text format ?


Similar to using name(item(List)). 





  • @tompatrick.ting 

    The only way I can see that you can achieve this is to lookup against a fake version list in a native versions system module. 

    Create a mapping for fake versions in a native versions systems module.

    Add a fake versions list or text formatted line item to the target module. Use lookup pull through the value. Add TEXT() if you would like to have it formatted as text. 

    It is not possible to do this solely using native versions. 

  • @tompatrick.ting  The solution is what @ChrisAHeathcote indicated. 


    The next big questions are:

    1. How often the version names are changing in your model?

    2. Do you need to update the Version mapping automatically?

  • @ChrisAHeathcote @alexpavel 


    We have to update the name of the version every week based.


    Using a custom version means i will also need to update the custom version every time we change the name in the native version.




  • @tompatrick.ting  Indeed it is quite often. 


    To reduce the manual operations you can create a process that, if launched, can automatically update Version mapping:

    It is not a perfect solution as the process needs to be triggered, but at least this can reduce the modifications made manually. 


    1. Create a Dummy Versions list

    2. Create an action to delete ALL elements from Dummy Versions ( Action VER1. Delete)

         The Delete action will ensure that the versions present in "Dummy Versions" will match with the versions from Anaplan Versions. 


    3. Create an import action to update the "Dummy Versions" list from a module based on Anaplan Versions.  ( Action VER2: Update Dummy Versions List)

    4. Create and import from a module based on "Dummy Versions" with a line-item formatted as TEXT containing the same Dummy Version name into a module based on Anaplan Version which has an Input line-item TEXT ( VER3: Update Version Mapping). As Dummy Version names coincide with the Anaplan Versions, the import will update in the TEXT line-item the same name as the Anaplan Versions. 


    5. Create a process that launches in sequence the actions VER1, VER2, VER3

    6. You can launch manually this process at the moment of renaming/adding the weekly versions or create a scheduling in CloudWorks to automatically launch the process from Step 5. 



    Hope it helps