SYS14 Create Account>Product, Line Item "Data?" can't refer SYS12 and SYS13


I've create on Data Hub the module SYS14 Create Account>Product and looks like:





But I am blocked by 

Data?(Boolean) filter to determine if ANY data for product SKU under the product 

  • If you are using the Level 2 Data Hub model: reference the SYS12 SKU Details and SYS13 Account SKU filter.
  • If you downloaded a new Data Hub model at the beginning of Level 3: Use a formula that references entire timescale of the DAT05 Historic Revenue by Product module to filter for revenue greater than 0.


I tried to refer the SYS12 SKU Details and SYS13 Account SKU Filter, but I am not successful. So I used the second method in my Level 2 Data Hub model using a formula TIMESUM('DAT05 Historic Revenue by Product'.Revenue) > 0, then the SYS14 looks like:




Could you confirm that we can have the same results with two approaches?


I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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  • @ssicefox 


    Yes both gives you the same results. I personally have taken the second route.



  • @Misbah,
    Thank you for your reply.
    Thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂
  • Hi,

    My reply has nothing to do with what was asked originally because I see that has been answered already.


    However, just a note:


    According to the instructions the "Code" column is supposed to be populated only when the "Valid?" Boolean is checked, I see here that the "Code" column is populated irrespective of that condition. This would affect the build later on.