New UX: Set a Default Source Model in each Slide / Dynamic way to refresh source Model


It would be useful to have an option to set a Default Source Model in each Slide of the Report allowing users to reconcile data between 2 or 3 models in a single Report without the need of reselecting source Model in each Slide again and again AND/OR instead of opening multiple Reports side by side and do reconciliation.

As an example, I created a Report Page containing the data from two models (Slide 1 - Model 1, Slide 2 - Model 2). An issue is when I click on each slide, I need to reselect the Source Model to view the data, i.e. for Slide 1  - selection must be Model 1 wherein Slide 2 displays 'You can't access this card' message meaning that I have to reselect Model 2 as a source to view the data in Slide 2.


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