How to link parsed list back to List codes




I've created a module that contains a list with data that has 3 components of a list concatenated (to limit the number of rows).

The list data looks like this: CCCC_AAAAAA_DDD - with the C's being company code, A's being account code, and the D's being department code.


I now want to have another module that references this coding, I was able to parse the string out into the relevant components but when I select different Accounts, departments or company doesn't filter out the data like i'd expect.  Any help/thoughts around this would be appreciated on how to do this!


Below is an example of the data:




In the other module, I've split the data this way:



what's happening is that for a code, CCCC_AAAAAA_DDD - it's parsing the string but putting it into every combination (which I don't want).  the data should only exist for combinations that match.





  • @Minhle246 Have you tried using LOOKUP for Account, Company code and Department while referencing the amount? 



  • Use 3 SUM functions to calculate the sum value of the amount line conditional on all 3 criteria.


    Make sure to create list formatted properties in the combined list for each separate list and use these to map the sum functions.