Get the Month from a Switchover W/e Date


Hello all, 


How can I get the month where the switchover week-end falls under? I've tried several things, not getting the desired output, yet.  Thanks! 






  • @sosunkwo 


    Great question...Is it the Current Version or just any version with a switchover?


  • @sosunkwo 


    If it is for just the Current Version, you can change the formula scope to Current Version, but if you want all of them, you can do this:


    Create a module dimensionalized by Time and Versions, with one line item.  I have it defined as Date, but it could be anything.  Format should be Period with the summary being either First Non Blank or Last Non Blank.  The formula should be: IF ISBLANK(PREVIOUS(Date)) THEN ITEM(Time) ELSE PREVIOUS(Date)




    Then, the fun trick is to change the Formula Scope to All Versions except Actual.






    Hope this helps,