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Hi guys, 

please help. attached a pic.

Is it possible to sum up "values" this way, to have the result in "values months" column? 


- january : values from january 

- february : values from january and february 

- March : values from january and february and March


- December : values from the past 11 months + december. 


I dont know if thats even possible in anaplan. Please find attached a pic from my module. 

Thanks in advance


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  • @pdekas 


    Yes, as @M.Kierepka stated, cumulate() will work as would using Previous() when using native Time.  The next question, why are you using a custom list for Time?  If it is for reporting, I would do all calculations using native Time (next(), lag(), previous(), movingsum(), etc.) and then have a mapping module to display the data in custom Time list.