UX: Change available hierarchy levels on global page selectors if used as a dimension


Currently I can change available list items and hierarchy levels for global selectors which are used as page selectors in a published module only.

In the example below Plant list is used as a page selector and avalable to Filter and Show/Hide items listed in the selector.


Although, if I would like to enable Materials level 6 list which is used as one of the two axis of the same module - I won't be able to limit the list by the same features.


This is required to be able to limit the visible elements by selecting upper level of the same hierarchy.

I don't want users to scroll through such a long list of materials and would like to limit it by level 3, for example.


So if a user chooses L3 element he will see all leaf elements of this parent.

I can achive the same effect now if I publish a module on the L3 level and choose it as a page selector and syncronize toggle. But if i dont need this module on my page? In Classic UX we could achive that publishing page selectors without the source module.


My request is: to be able to use Show/Hide and Filter features on axis-related dimensions.

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