Dear All,


I have one use case in which I am confused to get the output. Below is the use case:

I have almost 10 lists (A,B,C,D etc.) and each list have almost 4-5 list items (A1,A2,A3,etc.). Now the end user will have the access that he can select the list items from each list (single/multiple). Once user has selected few list items from different lists and he refresh it, a new code should get generated (eg: A1/B2/B3/C1/C2/C3- Combination of all the list items).


At the end all these selected boolean list item should get assigned to one Geography.


Can anyone suggest workaround/solution for this.




  • @Swarupa_1this is many-to-many selection. Make a module with all of the lists. link it to the booleans selectors with conditions which outputs code combination if all of the crossings are TRUE. Then use saved view filtered by IS NOT BLANK to generate the items. Not sure were you define geography but this may also be a dimension (or you can ask user to select it as a list formated line item)