Storing Forecasted date



my model has 5 versions Rofc, Forecast. Budget, Simulator1, Simulator2.(list)

Rofc contains data of actual month and future month (similar to native switchover).

I am creating forecast between jun-sep every year using Rofc data of the current year and locking the forecast data of that year. Forecast can be created multiple time during this period in an year.

I have to store last forecast creation date in every year(4 years). Can you please suggest an approach.


  • Hello @swapnil_J 


    I assume you are storing the forecast under different snapshots/versions.

    You need to have a SYS module which stores the current date (Today's date). You can update it everyday manually/via integration(Preferred).

    When you are creating the snapshot, store this creation date (Today's date) as a property in a sys module for the snapshots.