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I have been asked by several customers about the ability to change font in UX. It is even more topical with the report page in UX. When you have invested in your brand and use a certain font you want to use that font in Anaplan as well if Anaplan is going the be where the report is created.I would say Bold, Italic and Underline are equally important

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  • This could reduce the need to export data to PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik or other tools to make formal presentations. 

  • It would be great to have the option to change the font size in table and chart cards. We have a had a few complaints the font is too small. It is a problem mainly in the reports.

  • Agreed. A huge benefit of Anaplan is being able to create a finished product within it. The ability to change font on reports is huge to the benefit of the software.

  • tomgilbert
    edited May 21

    Agreed. The ability to select a certain font would make Management Reports more "presentation ready" and lead to greater buy-in from higher level execs.

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