Multiple Items Identified as First Occurrence


We have a module dimensioned by Time and Item ID. One of the Line-Items in the module is Item Category. We need to identify the unique categories. ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE seemed to be the answer but it is identifying each category as being the first occurrence multiple times, once for each period.

How can we identify the unique categories?




  • @AllMartin 


    Ideally, isfirstoccurrence() should not be used in a multi-dimensional module, but rather a module dimensionalized by a single list, in your case Item ID.


    Give this a try:


    I have created a silly module, but something I think might be close to what you have.  I have Invoices in my rows and Time in my columns, with one line item (Colors) that is list formatted.




    I then created a new module, only dimensionalized by Invoices, your Item ID.  Created a line item, list formatted as Colors with the following formula: TIMESUM(AllMartin Data.Colors)


    TimeSUm works well here because in the second module, Time is not part of the module.






    So, this is essentially returning the Color defined for the Invoice.  If invoice 33333 for Jan 16 was blank, the above would render Green for 333333.





     Does that help?