Management Reporting: Pre-select the Context Selectors at the Slide Level


Ability to pre-select the context selectors at the slide/page level and have them “stick/lock/show" so we can have a different selection for each element regardless of common dimensionality.


Currently, if we want to go through four combinations, we have to select the context selectors on each element.


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  • I learned the appropriate term for our ask here is slide-specific context selectors. We want to select a context selector for a slide, which updates the entire slide's syncing context; yet not have those context selectors sync with the other slides in the presentation. This will enable us to craft our message for a presentation, pre-selecting/configuring which products we need to discuss in a meeting. It will also lower maintenance because currently, I'm having to select the context for each card and text element in the slide. Ideally if we click a link to another page; however, I'd like this context to be reflected in the board or sheet I link to.

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