For your assistance please. I am trying to aggregate specific invoices and tried using the movingsum but on the last invoice cut off 4 which the number of days are variable. How can I count and use the movingsum? or is there another formula I can use? 


Example : August 2021

Invoice cut off 1 - starting 1st of the month until 7th of the month (fixed 7 days)
Invoice cut off 2 - starting 8th of the month until 15th of the month (fixed 8 days)
Invoice cut off 3 - starting 16th of the month until 22nd of the month (fixed 7 days)
Invoice cut off 4 - starting 23rd of the month until the end of the month (variable)


Thank you.


  • Hi @DMManalili ,


    If you need to reset the sum feature at a certain stage maybe CUMULATE() would work better, simply build a boolean formated rule on which days the sum should be reset. 





    But from the example, I'm not entirely sure of the use case. 



  • @DMManalili 


    Give TimeSum() a try in a different module where it is only dimensionalized by Invoices with the line items being the different cutoffs.