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I am struggling with the forecast action within the PLANIQ. I created a model for my result and I created an import action. The system provides me an internet server error.

Forecasting should be over 3 years span.


I think everything was set up correctly. 


May anyone please support me?









  • @marcofalchetti 


    Usually Forecast Action dimension needs to be created/added when you want to compare different Forecast results based on the action run.


    Have you tried without forecast action dimension if it works? For PLAN IQ to run successfully there are certain pre requisites

    1. Module Layout

    2. Export action configuration.

    3. Import action configuration


    For more info here is the link

    About PlanIQ - Anaplan Technical Documentation





    @Misbah: Thanks for the reply.


    I removed the forecast_action but it's still the same. Just to give you a little bit more color. I have built a model that predicts 36 months. I am following the guideline and I structure the import for my output module that allows me to import dates with the following formatting: D-M-Y.


    Here's my doubt. Do I need the days in my formatting even though I am predicting on a monthly basis?


    Looking forward to your reply








  • @marcofalchetti 


    You need to make sure that your dates are formatted as Y-M-D & Only Update Imported Cells





  • Hi @Misbah ,

    Yes, the format is correct but it still provides the same error 500.


    Any other ideas?





  • @marcofalchetti 


    There are few more things that can be looked into - probably connect with me thru DM here or send me the Teams or Zoom or GoToMeeting link, I will try to look into your issue