line item total in another column


Hello guys,


pretty sure the solution must be simple but i cannot find it.

I am trying to use the total of a line item in another formula. 

what i have looks like the screenshot


Thanks in advance 🙂




  • @pdekas  use:

    formula Amount without VAT[SELECT:All months]


    remove time dimension from Sum line item

  • ive already tried the SELECT function, doesnt work in my case.
    ''The name All Months used in the SELECT clause is not recognized as a list member or version in the model''
  • @pdekas

    Just to check: Is your month list a built-in time scale or a custom month list?


    If it is a custom, then you need to write [SELECT:{name of your list}.All Months]

  • Try selecting the top level item directly from opening the list in model settings.
  • Can you post a screenshot of the list you have created