Switch to enable/disable Search within grids in NUX


For each Grid in the NUX, it is possible to apply switches to Allow Editing and/or Allow Pivot.  I would like to see an additional switch to Allow Search.

Reasons why this would be helpful:

Sometimes there are NUX pages with several grids, but searching is only valid for one of the grids (i.e. a Table of parts to search through).  Sometimes the end user gets confused and sees the search magnifying glass on another grid, and thinks that they can use this to search but by doing so they are searching through the wrong data.  By offering the search option only on the appropriate grid, it would help to eliminate this problem.

But more critically, some users have found that they can use the search functionality to find information that was not intended for them to see, and clicking on it then defines it as the context to be used on other NUX dashboards.  By having the ability to selecting remove the search functionality from certain grids, it would remove the ability to access unintended content.

Refer to the attached image for an example of the new functionality requested.


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  • JimmyChan
    edited February 2023

    This idea is indeed helpful.

    I will post another screenshot to help illustrate this.

    The availability to display more things on limited screen sizes is a lot help to users' working efficiency.

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