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i am trying to write the formulas about Actual/ Forecast

here i have actuals data and forecast data and current month selection

i am trying to write here 

IF ITEM(MONTH) < = Current month Then Actuals else Forecast

here i havve everything like I HAVE MONTH LIST AND CURRENT MONTH MODULE  Actuals data and Forecast data..









  • @kavitha12345 


    Screenshots would help here.

  • If the timescale is set to Months then the formula would be ITEM(TIME), not ITEM(MONTH).


    Or are you using a fake timescale called MONTH? If so you need to map it to numbers in a module to use operators like <=.


    You could also explore switchover if you are using Anaplan versions, though the switchover month would be the same for everyone at all times which may not be the case for your current month selector. 


    I agree with @Misbah that screenshots would help here.





  • Thanks it resolved..

    here i am using Custom time scale..

  • @kavitha12345 


    Good to know it is resolved.  Quick question, may we ask why you are using a custom timescale and not Native Time?

  • As per my client business they want time scale as split week level..so its not possible in Native Time ..
  • @kavitha12345 


    Not sure I understand split week level, but Anaplan can absolutely have models at the week level, 445, 454, and 544.  I am asking because it will save you a lot of time using Native Time.  If you have to use fake time, I would still use native Time for all of my calculations and then fake time for reporting.