Wider "Format" column / column resizing in module blueprint mode


Please make the "Format" column in module blueprint mode much wider. Currently, list-formatted line items with list names of more than a word or two cannot be seen fully, which makes it hard to distinguish between similarly named lists at a glance.


The only way to see the full list name is to click into the line item format change screen, which is slow and unwieldy and can also lead to accidental format changes.


Furthermore, this can only be done in non-deployed models, which is especially inconvenient. In deployed models, I cannot even copy/paste the field to see the full name, since it pastes the backend identifier details for the list rather than the actual list name.


If screen space is a concern, please consider swapping widths with the unnecessarily wide "Summary" column, which is mostly just showing "None" or "Sum".


Ideally, I would like to be able to drag-resize these columns as needed.


Alternatively, it would be helpful to have the format with full list name displayed somewhere (hover tooltip, browser status bar when clicking, by the "Line Item Formula" section above, etc.)

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  • I agree that there are two issues here the first that you cannot resize columns in the grid by dragging and the second which to my mind is more of an issue is that in deployed mode you cannot view formulas etc. It would be better if the functionality remaining as in a non deployed model but simply as read only rather then locking the whole blueprint down.

  • Agreed that the inability to view formulas in deployed mode is a huge hindrance. Seems like this may be tied to the new behavior where expanding the formula bar automatically enters edit mode for the formula. Personally, I dislike this even by itself because it makes it far too easy to accidentally edit the formula when I was just trying to view it. If we could do away with this "feature" and get back the ability to view full formulas in deployed mode, that would be amazing.

  • Agreed, this would be useful.

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