Level 2,


Under INV module the JAN 20 beginning inv is matching Week 4 Beginning INV.

Shouldn't the Beginning inv for a month be the same as Week 1?


I keyed in some forecast values in DEM03* module. WIll this affect my results in SPrint 3?

Hope someone can answer my queries






  • @thomasM 

    No, it should match the Week 4 values only i.e. the closing balance. 


    I would recommend you to remove the values that you had feeded into DEM03 module, as it might affect your output while taking the sprint exams.




  • THanks for the response.


    -thomas M

  • Jan 20 matches week 4 because you have your summary set to Closing Balance. 

    If you want to have the value equal the first week of the month then update this to Opening Balance.

    However, I am unfamiliar with the requirement of the test so I advise you to follow the guidelines provided to you in the Level 2 materials.