Lookup not working - dimension used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the source



I have 2 line items in the same module which are both in list format using the same subset list.

I would like 1 of the line items to be completed based on the entry made in the other.

I have created a mapping module using the same subset list as for the module and the line item (see attached screen shots).

But when I try and lookup from one to the other (formula shown in attachment) using the mapping, I get the "dimension used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the source" error.


Any ideas what I am doing wrong here, as I am sure I had it working like this previously, but using an older list which has now been replaced.




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  • rob_marshall



    Remember how the Lookup works.  The Lookup part (the part within the [ ] ) has to be on the "outside of the house", meaning it has to be on either the Page, Column, or Rox axis.  The "measure" part is "in the house" or the actual line item you are retrieving.  This is why the lookup part has to be a list formatted line item or Time.


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  • You Don't need to use lookup function. Just reference the lineitem in other line item.

  • Use LOOKUP when the dimension of the mapping matches the target and where the line item in the mapping bridges back to the source.


    The line item format should match the dimension of the source and acts as the bridge from source to target.

  • Thanks Rob, I have just called myself all kinds of names!! 😂


    I knew it was something simple, but my head was just stuck in trying to do it the other way.


    Thanks for unlocking my brain!


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    We all need unlocking at some point, it is all good.