Have been trying the Shipping cost variance formula but could not crack it. Help?


  • Hello @Winter01 ,


    Without having the purpose in front of me, I understand that this value:

    • Will only change in the case the Shipping method is changed.
      • Hence you need to think that, as a boolean, there are two states for "Override Shipping Method?" either true or false
    • When it is not overridden, the value will have to be 0, as there will not be no variance. This seems to be the most frequent situation.
    • When overridden, it will be the difference between the original Shipping Costs and the newly calculated Final Shipping Costs.

    I hope the lines above were clear enough. If you still have doubts do not hesitate to keep asking!

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    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hello
    Good day to you !
    can you help me for the Shipping cost variance formula
  • IF NOT Override Shipping Method? THEN 0 ELSE Shipping Costs - Final Shipment Amount

    this is the formula I am using.
    can you please let me know if this is a correct formula or not

  • Is the above formula right?

    I also applied this.

  • IF NOT Override Shipping Method? THEN 0 ELSE Shipping Costs - Final Shipping Costs is the correct formula

  • Can anyone please help me with Shipping Costs formula in sprint 3 activity

  • Hello @Sagar17 To calculate Shipping costs, we require Shipment amount, Shipment cost by shipping method by Product. Here the formula u can reference.

    Final Shipment Amount * 'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week'.'Cost per 1000 units'[LOOKUP: Shipping Method, LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product] / User Selections.Shipping Costs items count