COLLECT() function issue

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Please see attachment for the details of the issue. Any feedback is appreciated



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  • Hi @Jsdeloria21!

    You don't have subset list "ss COS Recovery" in your target module.You need COLLECT() amount with them and after have mapping to your new list (or have top-level if you want have total summary of "ss COS Recovery").

  • @Jsdeloria21 

    You should already have a systems module in which you are able to define properties of the list. 

    Here would be the best place to set up the mapping into the line item subset. 

    To make it a little easier when you add the list formatted line item to the system module change the applies to in the blueprint to the subset. When you enter the grid view to create the mapping only those list item that are part of the subset will be available to update. 


  • @Jsdeloria21Hi


    As the error says, one of the dimentions in the source does not have a top level element in "ss COS Recovery".



    This is required because you don't have it in the target module. And this means Target will try automatically take data from the top level element of this list.


  • The error indicates that you are not defining how to SUM the ss COS Recovery list. 

    As there is no mapping Anaplan is attempting to take the top level value and as it does not have one you are seeing this error. 


    Therefore, you need to define how the two line item subset map into each other.


    COLLECT() is not the correct function here. Set up a module only dimensioned by ss COS Recovery. Add a line item formatted as the target line item subset. Define how the mapping and use SUM to bridge the gap between them. 

  • Hi,


    ss COS Recovery List is a subset from the list of GL codes that we have. see below.DO I need to put ALL GL on the configure tab? ALso appreciate the time for your feedback