Deafult Forecast Errors

error1.pngi m trying for Default Forecast and also with Round formula..I m confused about the formula. Can somebody help for this ?? I got the Baseline Forecast and Growth Rate% 


  • @Sagar123 Here is the Anaplan technical documentation for the Round function.

    ROUND - Anaplan Technical Documentation

    If you're trying to round your Default Forecast line item, best practice would be to calculate the Default Forecast = 'Baseline Forecast' * 'Growth rate %', then have an additional line item like 'Rounded Default Forecast' = ROUND(Default Forecast). You can add the additional arguments to the Round function as necessary according to the technical documentation.

  • Thank u Sir for helping. I got my answer. Demand Forecast formula needed (1+Growth rate %)* Baseline Forecast and Round off was pretty simple.