Summing a line item based on time period in another line item


I'm attempting to come up with a total amount per period. However, the module I'm working with is not dimensioned. I have a month formatted line item called 'Period' and am hoping to sum up the 'Amount (LC)' line items that correspond with each Period entered. For instance, I'd like to see a total sum of the individual 'Amount (LC)' values entered for October 2020.


Is this possible without having a time dimensioned module? Do I need to create a line item subset? 


  • Why not just create a time dimensioned module, use sum and it'll give you what you want?

    Then if you wanted to have a column that gave cumulative you can use lookup against the new module.

  • Create a time dimensioned module and use SUM to aggregate the valued into each time period using the month formatted line item in the source as the mapping.

    @andrewtye is correct. The easiest solution is to use a time dimensioned module to sum each entry into its corresponding month 

  • It has been known that I am correct on occasion! 😁