Conditional Formatting rule Inputted by user


Hi Guys,


I just want to ask something. Now in the conditional formatting screen we have the range of MIN MID and MAX right as the basis for the color of the cells in Anaplan. Is there a way where the user will be the one to input the threshold (is the term we use in the model) or the MIN MID and MAX.


in my example below I am doing the conditional formatting for total revenue. I want the user to have an option to input which is the MIN MID and MAX for my conditional formatting. so for example the user will want to see which month has a 2% (the unit we used) flag in terms of total revenue.



Hope you can provide with some ideas. I need a win here.




Best Answers

  • bhubeshrana

    right now there is no such option.

  • Shrankhla

    You can't do it straightaway at the conditional formatting screen.

    However, you can create a new calculated line item (with 3 values, may be -1, 1 and 0) which takes input from the user input fields i.e. MIN, MID and MAX and utilize this new line item to work for conditional formatting for your total revenue column.