Level 1 Activity 9.2.6 add formula to Margin calculation Module- Cost of Sales


I am on learning level 1 activity  9.2.6 of Anaplan. I am struggling to insert the right formula for cost of sales

formula as per training module is :

Cost of Sales'REV02 Volume Inputs'.Volumes * 'REV01 Price Book'.Unit Cost * (1 + Unit Cost Growth %)


All the other formulas are working well. I also tried to write the formula manually, alas it gives me the same error message. i.e Unit cost growth % is not a recognized item or list member. Need help on this plz. 


attached are the screen shots


  • @mwood 


    First of all it is not the Best practice to write the formula manually (esp. for beginners), instead you can point and click on the line item.

    Second, the way you are writing the formula is also not the Best Practice. Instead Open the formula bar by double clicking on it or single click on icon below


    Third: You can apply point 1 & 2 here. Don't write the name of the line item, instead point and click by expanding the formula bar.

    Your formula should look like

    'REV02 Volume Inputs'.Volumes * 'REV01 Price Book'.Unit Costs * (1 + Unit Cost Growth %)


    It might be that extra 'S" in Unit Costs at the end.


    Hope that helps



  • HI Misbah,


    I do agree its not a good practise to write manually but in this case after trying several times, i tried the manual option. Please note in Rev 01 Price book, only 'Unit Cost' is mentioned so the additional "S" is not working in this case. the error i am getting is  Unit Cost Growth % is not recognized line item or list member

  • @mwood 


    If you are getting the error even after point and click, then I would say raise a ticket with Anaplan Support. It was brought to my notice by other colleague as well that Anaplan randomly throws errors that line item is not a valid one even when the line item is valid.


    Log a ticket with support@anaplan.com and get this checked. And share the details here.



  • Hi Misbah,


    Yes may be. i have done the same. 

    waiting for a response.