Ability to apply filter on page selector in management reporting

It would be beneficial to have filter on context /page selector in management reporting slides

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  • This would be hugely beneficial, and keep Reports in-line with how other pages function. Great suggestion @shadmani !

  • Agreed, I am running into this issue with a client that wants to limit the hierarchy viewed in the page selector. While I have this option on other UX pages I am not able to do it on this report.  And, it's not something you can add a user filter to either. 

  • This would be a really useful feature to be able to filter the slides and additionally limit what you export.


  • This would be an essential feature which is still missing in management reporting. 
    For reporting it is important to filter content on relevant elements for the current reporting process.

    In mangement reporting a filter can not be applyied neither for page selectors nor in the underlying custom views (only for rows and columns but not for page selectors).

    This is pointless, and after one year: I do not understand why this has not been already implemented. ^^

    So: My kudos for this propsal.

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    Found a little workaround if anyone is still dealing with this issue. I created an empty module w/ the only dimensions as the line item subsets that I want to show as filters on the page. Then added that empty module to the page, made it the only visible selector and set everything else to sync. The published module is literally just a blank box (pictured below) and can be hidden behind another element on your page. I chose to just move it off to the side of the page so I don't lose track of it and it doesn't show up for users.

    Hope this helps! ( @Schulle , @shadmani , @DavidEdwards , @gosia , @JBeauchs )

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