New UX - Pages Visibility Layer (by Roles and NewUX Pages)


Hi team,


Currently, we have a few global programs in different business areas that unit numerous groups of users from different regions and countries. Mainly we use a global approach for each of county but still need minor customizations for them, so for end-users convenience we have to create customized pages based on the same module(s).

In this context it would be great to have additional layer for users control area which will allow to manage end-users page visibility based on role & selective access (to country in our case) as well, because now end-users see all customized pages for all countries:



With the current admin user managemet tools we can manage this by creating different roles with the same access in a classic UX setup but specified needed pages in the New UX setup. It's not really a smart approach and requires many maintenance steps.

We also can create country-specific landing pages and teach end-users to use them instead of a pages drop-down menu, or easer create separate apps for each county. But it would be great to ability to make global multi-counties models and apps management convinient for both: users and developers.


Thank you!  

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