Need help with Add Formula to SYS13 Line Item


Hi All,


I am struck at this point. I have followed the notes carefully

Add the formula for the Has Data? line item in the SYS13 Account SKU Filter module.

Considerations for the formula: 

  • How could you sum the data over all time periods? 
  • All Periods is not an aggregation method at the model-level timescale. 
  • The formula should check the total of all product SKU volumes over all time periods to determine if the value is not equal to zero.

And tried to apply the below formula.

TIMESUM(IF 'DAT03 Historic Volumes'. Volumes<>0, THEN 'DAT03 Historic Volumes'. Volumes ELSE 0)


Is the syntax of TIMESUM correct, And source correct. I first tried checking Boolean from SYS13 Has Data? itself but it did not work. And then I tried DAT03 as source. But still I am getting an error. 


I got the following error.




Please can you guide me on this. 


Balarama Krishna.

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  • Thank you for this clarity, definitely huge help!!
  • Hi 

    I followed this formula (I had been making it too complicated). My line items are not returning any values and are not showing as Booleans.

    • I have checked the formula - linked so it is picking up the correct items
    • Source data (DAT03 Historic Volumes) has data
    • Format type on 'Has Data?' line item is set to Boolean

    Any suggestions?!




  • Now solved - I deleted the module and redid the exercise - now works!