LEVEL 2 SPRINT 3 3.5.3. INV01 Inventory Ordering Module - Suggested Order Amount for the Month -


Hello all,

I am having a problem with Inventory Ordering Module. I thought I did everything correctly but my module's suggested order amount doesn't match with the given screenshot. 



Here is my module as you can see I get 8,192 for the suggested order amount. I should be 8,194.




Here are my formulas.


Any hint appreciated,




  • Hi,


    If i'm not wrong you should refer to this point 2.4.4 which said that the overide bolean for the second week of 2020 Nutzo Bar_EN  Candyate must be checked



    Hope it'll help you 🙂

  • Dear @mlecrivain,

    Thank you for your help. I believe my mistake is here but can't find it. You were correct I didn't check the Override? boolean for my DEM03 module. After your comment, I checked the box but still can't get the same screenshot as given. I checked every single module retailed to the DEM03 and every single formula however, can't find my problem.


    P.S. I passed the Sprint 2 exam and used these formulas for the exam. 


    Here is my screenshot for DEM03 after checking the Override? the boolean box I should get 62 for the Override Forecast. I also looked at the FY21, I have 62 for the initial demand forecast but it is showing it on the Override. That would be great if you can help!



    Hi @Misbah, that would be awesome if you can help too. Thank you!


  • @MerveGollu 


    Formula doesn't look right. It should say 


    IF NOT Override? THEN Initial Demand Forecast ELSE Override Forecast



  • Dear @Misbah,

    Thank you for getting back to me. I changed the formula for the Final Forecast but it did not solve my problem. After checking the Override? boolean Override Forecast should be 62.  Here are my screenshots.







  • @MerveGollu 


    My dear friend, if you are checking Override Box you will have to make sure that Override Forecast Line item is populated with Non Zero Number (In this case 62)