view to view import failing


Hello friends, need your help in nailing down the problem which i am unable to point.

  1. Module test has 2 views..1a and 2b
  2. Module has following dimensions i.e. Model TIME, 2 lists & 2 line items
  3. What I am doing is inputting the view 1a data into 2b view, receiving the below error. Not sure which data is getting referred here.
  4. List a (dimension) has 12 lines with ALL top level.



  1. List b (dimension) has 33 lines with ALL top level.
  2. View 1a = Only details level data and only months.
  3. Clicked bottom section of the view 1a to show that summary level is off. (Same the case with 2b also)



  1. View 2b = Only details level data and only months.
  2. Import configuration is straight and fixed the destination as 2b. i.e. Data import source 0+12CommunityMember126793_2-1633774668650.png



There is 1 record which is getting fail against each dimension that’s how the failed count is 396 (product of list a and list b i.e. = 12 * 33 = 396).

Not sure what is causing this whole issue.