SUM is making the formula invalid


Trying to pull the SUM of X list from a module but receiving the below error. Source module is having a list datatype line item i.e. COST CENTRE (though dimensioned with other list) and the target module is dimensioned with the subset of the same list COST CENTRE.

When trying to SUM HeadCount based on CostCentre then the formula breaks and not sure why the invalid error is appearing



Note: Only reference to HeadCount is working fine but it is giving the total number of employees.






  • Could it be that the word "count" is restricted and you should quote 'Active Count' in the formula?

  • @StevenBeerthuizen  Thanks for your time on the issue reponse!

    It got sorted out as soon as version enabled in the target module. I haven't understood WHY the SELECT & SUM combination wasn't able to fix that. Since, needed data from a specific version.

    But somehow it got sorted.