Formulas Creation.


Dear All, 

     I just feel nervous when it comes to making formulas. I don't know how to get rid of this and be confident about making formulas. Can anyone please guide me how to create formulas easily and practice them successfully???


Hope someone may guide me!!!




Muizz S.

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  • ankit_cheeni
    Hi Muizz,

    Hi Muizz,
    I recommend these points to new Anaplanners:
    1. Keep committing mistakes. Now this might be expensive in larger models when Anaplan starts taking 40-50 seconds to process each mistake, but the best way to learn is to commit mistake and then read the error you get. Your error message should guide your next iteration of error until you reach your solution.
    2. Use Anaplan Community. You will find people going out of their way to guide you to the right solution within the best practices. I have had people create youtube videos to help me understand the logic.
    3. Probably the most practical, whenever you commit a mistake, create a simple use case in excel. This is the most powerful way to learn to 'Think in Anaplan'. Create the logic in excel and then try to see how you'd do that in Anaplan - step by step. This will help you start visualizing your LOOKUPs and SUMs.

    Let me know if this helps 🙂


  • @muizzsk9890 


    Do not worry about writing formulas incorrectly, this is how you would learn. Nobody is born Anaplanner. 

    Make sure that you do your Level 1 and Level 2 training very carefully. Understand the logic behind every ask. 

    Be clear with the dimensions that you are using in the modules. Take a pen and a paper to build a logic first and if you are satisfied then implement it in Anaplan. 


    It's only Practice that will make you build logics. Anaplan is learnt and cannot be taught.



  • Thanks a lot for your advice sir. Hope it works as soon as possible.


    Muizz S.

  •  I've been having trouble with the same thing.  In Level 1 Module Building Training Sect 8.6 does a good job showing how you can use different modules in a formula and how the builder needs to align lists, versions, and times in each  source module to ensure your target module is calculating correctly.

    Hope this helps! 

  • Thanks a lot Ankit for your support. I WILL surely try this. Also plz share me your YouTube link for the logic.
    Hopefully will help me.


    Muizz S.