Line Items with Version LIS




I have a P&L with 20 line items currently in a module. This has 2 other dimensions Entity & Division which are Lists. It has native versions as well and monthly time.

I'm trying to create a new module which takes some lines from this P&L with different combinations of Entity & Division which I'm comfortable creating using Select statements.


However the issue I'm faced with is I need to create a report which has versions and variances such as Actual, Forecast, Var, Prior Month, Prior Month Var, Last Year, etc.


I have created a separate module for versions and tried using this as a Line Item Subset (LIS) but for some reason cannot get data down to the P&L line item, all I get is the same number across all P&L line items.

Any help is appreciated.



  • @Bhavesh 


    You are in the right direction. LISS is the way to go.


    What are the dimensions in your target module? I think you might not be taken Time into consideration while pulling the data from source module. Screenshots would help too