Line Item Subset Filtering


I'm using Line Item Subset to filter line items. This filter would be published in the New UX and the user will be asked to select the respective Line Item and the selected line item would be displayed. 

How do I approach this build, could someone suggest a tip, I want all line items to be displayed by default and when users select a line item, only that selected line item should be displayed. 

Currently I have published the LIS Filter Module in the NEW UX and the main report module works when user selects the line item from the filter. I would like the main report to display all line items by default and then LIS Filter module to only work when one is selected. 

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  • PujithaB
    Answer ✓

    This can be achieved in Filter design 

    You can mark the Filter as TRUE whenever No selection is made by the End User and when End User selects any LIS then filter should show only selected lineitem 

    I have mocked it up as below in which Final Filter could be used as Filter




    Hope this would helps out