Lookup between two lists formated line items


Hi guys, im trying to do this lookup. 
I will start by stating the goal i want to achieve:
i have 2 lists formated line items in module 1: Product and Partner. In module 2 i have one list formated line item called "quantity".
in module 1 i have a line item named "auto" that should be auto filled according to user's selection on the list formated line item called "partner".
when the user select product 1 and partner 1 i want the line auto
to autofill according to values stored in "quantity" (module 2)
module 2 is dimensionned by the lists "Product" and "partner". 

ive included a pic of what i want to achieve. 

Thanks in advance for your support 🙂



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  • PujithaB
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    In that case you can use LOOKUP inplace of SUM as below




    Hope this will help out




  • @pdekas 

    From the image , My understanding is that first module will be dimension by product  and line items
    when user selects partner , quantity has to be populated from second module 

    This can be achieved using SUM function 
    Module 1 Quantity Lineitem = Module 2. Quantity Lineitem[sum: Module 1. Partner Lineitem]

    Hope this will helps out


  • Hi, thanks for your reply.
    im not trying to sum the quantities, they could even have been alphanumeric characters.
  • mismatched dimension level. i will try to further look into the dimension levels...