September 2021 Release and October Sneak Peek


September 2021 Release and Sneak Peek at October

1. Pasting into Breakback Cells: Within UX, now it’s possible to easily paste values into Breakback enabled cells which are highlighted by blue markers just the way we had it in Classic UX.


Note: Hold, Release and Release All features are still not available in UX

2. Conditional Formatting Update: Finally, we have this feature where we can support more than three color thresholds. See how you can do this. You have a “+” icon against the Upper most Midpoint box. You can add as many Mid Points as you want. I added twenty it works fine.



Misbah_2-1634049229624.png3. Action Buttons: How beautiful this feature is – Anaplan UX team continues to amaze us. Page builders can now customize any action card with colors, styles and icons.





Colors: There are 5 colors available i.e., Default, Positive, Caution, Negative & Neutral

Styles: 2 Styles i.e., Solid and Border

Icons: 21 Icons available – My Favorite

4. New Data Write Action Button: We have a new entrant to this category. Apart from Notification and Forms we now have Data Write button that can be created. Data write actions allow you to trigger updates of data elements in your underlying model with a pre-defined value.



 5. Context-aware links in Notify Action emails: Encode page context into Notify Action email links, ensuring when the user clicks the link, they land on the correct page with the exact same context pre-set for them.


6. Management Reporting Features: Discover new Management Reporting enhancements:

  • Card title and context colorSet the title color of any card. This is particularly helpful when working with a report page with a dark background, but is available on all cards for all page types.
  • Context selections persisted: Any context selection for a report is persisted for the users in their browser local storage. For example, if a user selects EMEA in their report, the selection will remain when logging in/out of the same browser.
  • PDF context selection on export: Select the most relevant context of the report to export and share with colleagues.
  • Additional text size option for Text cardsSupport for larger text size has been added with the addition of two options for Title and Subtitle allowing users to increase the size of text for their report titles.

Here is the official link for September Release

September 2021 Releases and October Sneak Peek - Anaplan Community


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