Exclude Zeros in Time Sum Average



I am using a TIMESUM average and I'm wondering if there is a way to exclude zeros from the average. Formula: TIMESUM(Build Factor, TIME.'Q2 FY16', TIME.'Q4 FY19', AVERAGE) Pictures attached.

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  • anikdas
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    Hi @nawalker56 ,

    First of all, try not to use hard coded time references. There are multiple potential issues if you write the formula like that. Instead, use a module to define the start and end of the timesum and then use that (see image below).


    For the average calculation, in the source module use another line item to mark a data point to be 1 or 0 depending on whether it is non zero or not. Then, in your destination calc module, use two timesums - one to sum the data and one to sum the non zero data point count and divide the first one by the second. The below screenshots and formula should help:

    Non zero Data: 

    IF Data <> 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0

    Final Formula:

    TIMESUM(Source Data Module.Data, 'SYS01: TimeSum Bounds'.Start, 'SYS01: TimeSum Bounds'.End) / TIMESUM(Source Data Module.Non Zero, 'SYS01: TimeSum Bounds'.Start, 'SYS01: TimeSum Bounds'.End)



    Hope this helps!


  • set format to 0 decimal places



    and if still you want to hide the zero values then apply filter >0.