Run Rate Period selectors instead of moving average


Is it possible to have period start/end selectors to pick the run rate period instead of a moving average? Each time we add actuals it changes all the forecasts making previous adjustments and overrides obsolete requiring re-work. 

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  • andrewtye
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    Hopefully this answers your question... you can have a look-up module (the start/end line items and would put these separately) which you can reference against as per the images. Means that if you want to have Jan-Mar as your movingaverage you can and it not be impacted by actualisation. You've got to be dynamically creating the offsets dependent on the time period you're in - this will also work for weeks too just need to change the formatting.






  • Hi @therealwarsi 

    Can you please explain the problem statement a bit better? Some of us may not be aware of the problem statement.

  • I would like users to select which month or months they want the run rate to include in the average from prior months for forecast. Therefore unless this is changed by the user it would remain static even if we add actuals for a month.


    For example:

    - We are forecasting 8+4 for a GL account and users picked months 6,7,8 as their run rate using Booleen checkboxes for months 9-12. If I add September actuals and change the switch over date, I don't want Anaplan to automatically change the run rate to be 7,8,9 using a moving average. Hope this makes more sense.

  • This is good direction thank you!
  • Glad I could help!