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Hello all,

I need to calculate a sum of costs from P&L which are base for subsequent calculation of revenue (sum of costs * (1+margin%)). The tricky part is that we need dynamic setting for identifying the costs to be aggregated because each year different cost might be considered as part of the base. I would therefore like to avoid extensive use of IF function and hardcoding.
Instead, I would like to do that using Line item subset (LIS) which is easy to configure. I wanted to go about this in the following way which unfortunately does not work because LIS does not have a top level.

Step 1: Collect the costs from P&L module [dimensions: Departments, Geography, LIS, Months]

Step 2: Sum up the costs to calculate the Base [dimensions: Departments, Geography, Months] 

Do you know of possible workaround?
Tagging @JaredDolich @Misbah @rob_marshall in case if you have any suggestions. 

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  • Misbah
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    See if this helps


    Step 1: Create a LIS - I assume you have already created


    Step 2: Create a List mimicking LIS


    Step 3: Create a SYS module for the mapping between LIS from Step 1 and List from Step 2


    Step 4: Use SUM function to aggregate the values from source module. Target module will have "Expenses List" as a dimension


    This process basically allows you to aggregate the values out of LIS because there is no TOP Level for LIS