[BUG?] Summary Items showing non-zero values for Line Items with zero values after running Optimizer


Hey everyone,


I am encountering what seems to be a bug with one of the modules I am working on, where the summaries of the line item seemingly do not update after a change in values. As you can see in the images attached below, the summary levels of the line item shows non-zero values even though the children cells are themselves zero. This Line Item is included in an Optimizer that I am running, and this issue seems to occur after running the Optimizer, although I am not aware if this also happens elsewhere in other modules. I have been noticing this issue in other Line Items also that are part of the Optimizer. The Summary Method of the Line Item has been set to SUM


What is also bizarre, is that the summaries seem to correct themselves after a while. In my experience, when I check the values after not touching the model for an hour or so, the summaries reflect the correct values. However, when I tried refreshing the page and reopening the model right after spotting the erroneous values, they did not seem to be corrected. Although upon removing and reapplying the formula, it seems to show the correct summary values immediately. That leads me to believe that there is a bug where the calculations are not being updated properly after running the optimizer, but I would like to have more insight in case I am missing something. 


Any kind of help or clarification would be greatly appreciated. I am attaching a couple of samples of the erroneous results below to highlight the issue. Thank you all for your help


Anaplan Bug_LI.jpgScreenshot (20).png